When you hear investors getting double digit returns on their investments, it’s hard to ignore. At first you’re quite skeptical but you still wonder if it’s really true or if someone is simply embellishing their latest investment success.

Stories of 10 or 20 percent returns might be attached to penny stocksturnkey real estate investing or some out-of-the-ordinary publicly traded stock no one has ever heard of that went from $2.00 a share to $2.40 a share and the investor had 100 shares. I’ll let you do the math on that one.

But there are investment returns and they’re not out of the ordinary and any active real estate investor will tell you that. You may have considered buying and selling real estate but you did a bit of research and found out it wasn’t exactly like buying 100 shares of a penny stock. No, there’s a bit of work to be done but on the other hand, instead of making $40 when a stock rises 20 percent, you make $20,000. That’s the allure of real estate. Do it right and the profits knock on your door. But again, it’s no easy task.

Okay, let’s clarify. It might not be difficult and everyday business for some but it’s someone’s business, not a hobby. Real estate involves legal work, title searches, real estate data evaluation, construction costs, permits and selling expenses. Don’t forget insurance, property taxes and interest. Just a cursory exploration in real estate investing can put some on the sidelines forever. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if you had a partner or two that did the legwork with all the necessary skills and you provided the money?

You act like the bank where you put up the working capital and your partners put up the sweat equity and when the property is sold, you split the profits. Turnkey. Now does that sound more attractive to you? It does to many who see opportunity in investment real estate but are a bit wary of the talents needed to pull off a successful flip. You see, you can be a real estate investor by being the bank. You’ve only yet to find your partner.