At some point, a particular area that was once the ideal spot to buy undervalued real estate is no longer. At least to the degree it once was. A neighborhood or particular part of town could at one time had multiple opportunities such as short sales or foreclosures but as the area matured and recovered theresearching land number of potential real estate investments dries up.

An investor could work with a Turnkey Real Estate Investment company to find rental properties or the investor could just decide to build one from the ground up. Especially so if a spot of vacant land in the area has just been sitting there for years while other homes have been built up around it.

In fact, you may know of just such a tract of land and thought it would make a good place to build a rental property. But if it was so good then why hasn’t someone else picked it up and why has it been undeveloped for so long? There could be several reasons and absent contacting the owner you can actually conjure up some information on your own that could help you decide whether or not the land has potential.

The first place you may go is to a real estate attorney or a title insurance company and order up a preliminary title report. This report will identify the current owners, any existing liens on the property including mortgages or property tax liens. You can also find out if there are any easements on the property that might affect the value. For example, there could be an easement from a gas company that has the right to bury a gas line on the property whenever they want. That could certainly keep a prospective purchase on the sidelines, right?

For a quick history as well as current status of any property you can answer some very basic questions regarding why that nice looking property is sitting all alone with a title report.