Over the years as a turnkey real estate investment firm acquires more and more properties and turns down even more, it gets to be a rather efficient machine. Yet like with any business there were likely a few fits and starts before the organization found its sea legs and moved forward, confidentlyavoiding the bottleneck searching for the next opportunity.

At some point however, the company may become so successful and adept at finding the elusive diamond-in-the-rough that it’s time to grow.

Successful turnkey real estate investment firms anticipate where the growing pains will first appear and it’s usually the task that takes the longest time to complete. Finding new opportunities is the implementation of a driven, deliberate search for potential deals. This can be scouring the MLS, researching public records and staying active in the local market for those coveted “pocket” listings which few will ever know about. Real estate agents, scouts and bird dogs can bring in several leads but at some point the amount of leads and the personnel it takes to evaluate those leads can form a bottleneck. You can always slow down the search effort to give the evaluation process a bit of breathing room but if finding and acquiring real estate properties is the lifeblood of a turnkey real estate investment firm, and it most certainly is, slowing down the search isn’t the right answer.

Instead, more resources are committed to the evaluation process. Evaluating a potential property is something that simply cannot be rushed. Don’t measure twice and cut once but measure three or even four times before making a decision. There can’t be enough talent in the evaluation process. Of course, while the evaluation stage is extremely important it can’t stand on its own. Every other division within the turnkey operation is dependent upon the other, but it’s the evaluation process that demands the most time.