One of the things novice real estate investors struggle with are upgrades. After an inspection with the contractor who will tour the property and determine what needs fixing or replacing, the investor is the hit with a deluge of options. From appliances to flooring to paint colors, just a few trips down the aislekeep upgrades standard and simple of an appliance store is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

There are too many choices. So, what should newbie real estate investors look for when making changes?
Perhaps the most important thing is to blend in. You want your property to sparkle but you don’t necessarily want to overindulge. Stay basic with your improvements but make sure your improvements make the property stand out, not stick out. Exterior colors are important but avoid trendy colors that might appeal this month but become an eyesore next year. And speaking of colors, applying a fresh coat of interior paint throughout the house is almost a requirement for any rental property. But again, keep it plain and simple. Stay away from the latest interior design magazines and avoid paint colors that need near perfect matching with other hues. Your best bet is to stick with a basic off-white or light pastel that will be attractive as well as appealing to most every taste.

Real estate agents will often tell home sellers to rip up the carpets and install new. While that’s not necessarily an expensive undertaking, that carpet will need to be replaced sooner than you think. Stains as well as regular wear and tear will take a toll on your wallet. Instead, consider hardwood flooring or tile. The cost is a bit higher up front but over the long haul you’ll save lots more plus it’s an attractive feature that renters will pay more for.

By staying with the same basic designs property after property, you’ll begin to know what does need replacing and to what degree. Just keep it simple, don’t overthink it. If you do, could spend more money than you need to.