In a recent article in Barron's, the highly respected financial magazine, Thomas G. Donlan, one of the columnists, wrote an article with the title of, "The Myth of Social Security." Turnkey Properties For those investing in turnkey real estate properties, there is no need to worry if Social Security is a "myth" or "Ponzi Scheme" as claimed by its detractors.Many feel that the way that Social Security is funded is dubious, at best.

 That is debatable.  What is beyond question is the performance of real estate as an investment.  Over the last two centuries, about 90 percent of the world's millionaires have been created by gains from real estate. During the course of The Great Recession, as stocks and bonds plunged in value, rental income in the United States actually rose.

While there are many ways to profit from high yield real estate investing, turnkey real estate properties are very attractive.  The best approach to real estate is as a passive investor with a long term approach. Turnkey real estate is ideal for that advisable way to proceed in high yield real estate investing.

Turnkey real estate is a property that has been selected for purchase, fixed up, and then rented out to a suitable tenant.  Companies in this sector such as EquityBuild will also manage and finance the property for the investor.  EquityBuild Finance is the financial arm of EquityBuild that provides the mortgages for its turnkey properties.  That manifests the confidence that EquityBuild has in its turnkey properties as it is willing to establish a long term relationship with investors.

The returns from turnkey real estate investing can be very high.  EquityBuild only chooses properties with a strong profit potential.  As EquityBuild Finance funds the purchase of the turnkey properties for its investors, it too focuses on the best returns for its clients.

Social Security will most likely be around for the long term.  Its finances are sound and any problems are easily addressed.  Not everyone feels that way: witness the Donlan column in the Barron's issue of June 17, 2103.

What cannot be denied is the investment potential of turnkey real estate.  

Acquiring just one turnkey property each year starting at a young age will provide for anyone's retirement, whether Social Security is around or not.  Putting the turnkey real estate in a retirement account such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) results in the rental income being tax free.  If it is sold for a profit, the capital gains are tax free, too.  Having turnkey real estate in a retirement account also provides asset protection, too.

Investing in turnkey real estate is protection against Social Security not being there, when needed the most in retirement!