"Two Lattes and a Cocktail" Creates Wealth with Turnkey Real Estate Investing:- Profiting from the buying and selling of turnkey real estate is the ultimate in passive investing.  This can achieved with surprisingly little sacrifice, Creates Wealth with turnkey Real Estateas detailed in a recent article in The Baltimore Sun by Susan Reimer, "Turning two lattes and a cocktail into retirement fund."

In her Baltimore Sun article that should be read by all who wish to invest for profit, Reimer focuses on how Gail MarksJarvis, the personal finance columnist for The Chicago Tribune, recently writes about how saving $20 a week becomes $480,000 in 40 years with 9.8 percent return.  From walking past Starbucks every day rather than heading on in to stand in line for an expensive beverage, a very nice investment portfolio can be created instead.  Using these funds to passively invest for the long term in turnkey real estate could greatly increase the size of the holdings.

A turnkey real estate property is one bought, fixed up, and with suitable tenant in it that is managed for the buyer. There are many attributes to passively investing in turnkey properties with a long term approach.  The wide range of real estate is very appealing.  Virtually anything can be a turnkey property: a foreclosure can be fixed up and then rented out as one.  The same can take place with a condo, single family house, or small apartment building.  

There are other actions that should happen to ensure that the turnkey property deals are as rewarding as possible.  Critical here is risk management.  Mitigating risk will protect the gains during the difficult periods for any investment, including turnkey properties.  No matter what the investment, the good times never last forever.  That is why risk management is crucial.

Investing in turnkey properties that can be rented is a useful form of risk management.  That way if the real estate is not sold, the rental income will cover the mortgage and other expenses.  Small apartment buildings, if priced well, are ideal for this form of risk management in turnkey real estate.

Another way is to direct the latte and cocktail money into a retirement account, such as an individual retirement account (IRA).  When there are enough funds, an investment can then be made in turnkey properties.  From there, the returns are tax free.  If the turnkey property generates rental income, there are no taxes.  Should the turnkey property be sold for a profit, the gains are tax free.

A small amount of money saved regularly can lead to large profits from investing in turnkey real estate properties.  What is most important, other than accumulating the necessary funds, is to passively invest with a long term approach.