Attending any auction can be quite a thrill. Whether the bidding is for a highly prized painting or a sleek, classic automobile, it’s the auctioneer’s job to get the crowd moving, excited and anxious to bid. The increase in tension and intensity will contribute to higher prices as well as someone paying moreTurnkey Real Estate Investing than they perhaps they should have.

Real estate investors know this all too well, especially those who have been in the industry for any length of time.

An auction for real estate can be a spirited affair as well but typically not as fancy of an affair compared to auctions of fine art, jewels or estates. For the novice investor attending an initial auction, extreme caution is advised both in terms of evaluating the asset as well as the acquisition price. Homes up for auction may not always be available for a complete inspection and included in the “buyers beware” category and beyond its physical condition there may be additional valid claims on the property that must be addressed.

However, using a turnkey real estate company to find, evaluate and sell a property eliminates the guesswork. Turnkey real estate companies can certainly attend auctions and be very successful at it but investors can still benefit from a foreclosure auction by letting the turnkey real estate company to all the initial legwork required to make sure the project is indeed a profitable one. Yes, the turnkey company will get paid a fee and the home will ultimately sell for more than what is paid at an auction yet the advantage of knowing exactly what you’re buying and the long term cash flow potential is worth it.