Home values are still on the rise, although the pace has slowed. This according to a report released by real estate data firm RealtyTrac. The median sales price nationally for July was higher by 2.00 percent compared to July of 2013 and there is chatter about real estate investment slowing down. Aninvesting with turnkey real estate company article today on cnbc.com pointed out that while institutional investors appear to be sitting on the sidelines,

the appetite for single family homes by individual investors is still strong, yet there are areas that appear to be overbought. Properties in Arizona and California may not be the best spot for single family investing but other parts the most certainly are.

Again according to RealtyTrac, markets in North Carolina and Georgia provided significant rental returns while the “safest” places for investors were in a variety of areas from Springfield, Ohio to Miami, Florida to Tulsa, Oklahoma. But if you’re an investor and live in say, Chicago, how do you take advantage of more profitable markets well beyond your zip code? Turnkey investment companies.

Turnkey Real Estate investment companies employ a series of proprietary metrics to identify a particular market ripe for investment. Then, the company analyzes the acquisition cost and repair costs of a specific property along with the cash flow for the improved property. Property management services are also provided as well as finding and keeping tenants. The project is then presented to the investor who decides to participate. Once the decision is made to move forward, the investor makes the purchase and begins to collect monthly rent and watch the asset appreciate while the turnkey company returns to find another project. There’s no need to sit on the sidelines while other markets are booming.