A real estate investor can participate directly with a rehabilitation project in mostly the very same way investors have done for years.
long distance turnkey investingThe investor is tasked with locating the potential property, making an evaluation considering costs to repair, selling costs and final selling price.

Using the talents of local real estate agents and inspectors along with a thorough review of a title report and investor will determine whether or not the project makes sense.If it does, the investor submits an offer and the project begins. Or, the investor determines after an inspection has been completed that it’s a money-pit and goes back searching for the next deal.

It’s the on-site inspection and using a local team that’s a key ingredient for successful real estate investing. Yet of all the processes that have been employed over the years the one that stands out as having changed the most if finding real estate using the internet. Real estate listings are online and agents upload the properties information to the local MLS and can the listed properties can then be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. This means an investor can look for potential deals well beyond the immediate area. In fact, two or three time zones away can have legitimate prospects.

However, looking at investments that might appear to be a bargain means having less access to inspect the property all without the assistance of a trusted, local team. Real estate investors would rather make multiple physical visits to a potential project to uncover any potential problems. Something that long distance opportunities can’t provide. That is unless the investor works with a turnkey operation.

The turnkey transaction is one where the project has been identified, quantified and offered to an investor. The investor uses the team of professionals offering the turnkey project. The inspections and all related real estate work are completed by others, the investor need only review the proposal and make a decision whether or not to invest in the project.