Real estate isn’t a part time affair. Well, I guess it can be but those who consider themselves professionals in their field certainly make it a full time job. There are real estate agents, attorneys, inspectors, contractors and lenders involved full time and multiple ancillary services involved in any typical realturnkey investing estate investor transaction. Of those,

it’s probably the real estate agent field where the most “part timers” hang their hats but when investing in real estate is taken seriously, there is no room for part time players.

Real estate is an asset that can provide solid cash flow for the right investment but there is so much due diligence to be performed prior to any closing taking place. Just finding the right property at the right time and under the right circumstances is a full time job. That’s why the “casual” real estate investor never seems to be successful operating alone. There are too many things that can go wrong and once the sale is closed there’s little an investor can do to correct a mistake that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Yet there is no need for a real estate investor to do all of the work. The investor can have the work done for them using a turnkey approach.

“The EquityBuild approach locates, evaluates and inspects a property at the outset. We determine the best exit strategy, anticipate cash flow and arrange the financing. All the investor needs to do is say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as each project is presented. Truly a passive approach for significant returns,” says Shaun Cohen, Vice President of EquityBuild and CEO of EquityBuild Finance.

For investors that want a respectable return with a hard, cash producing asset, it’s easy to overlook the turnkey approach if they’ve never been introduced to the concept. Yet once the first opportunity has closed and successfully funded, the possibility becomes a reality.