In the book, "The Beardstown Ladies Stitch-in-Time Guide to Growing Your Nest Egg," there is an emphasis on investing in well-run enterprises.  For real estate investing, turnkeythat comes from buying turnkey properties from proven professionals.

The Beardstown Ladies, an investment club in Illinois, are just one of the many advocating that well-managed assets be purchased.  Warren Buffett, considered by many to be the greatest investor ever, has often stated that he only invests in companies that can run themselves.  Buffett does not invest in an entity to tell the executives what to do.  He prefers to invest in those firms that have an executive team that has proven itself against the test of time, the most demanding one of all.  

In turnkey real estate investing, that is EquityBuild.  

The Founder and President, Jerry Cohen, has been a principal in more than 1000 real estate transactions since 1984.  Many of those have involved turnkey properties.  Over that time period, Cohen and EquityBuild has proven itself against a wide range of market conditions.  Passive investing in turnkey properties with EquityBuild allows for an individual to profit from those decades of experience and expertise.  This takes place as a turnkey property from EquityBuild is one that has been bought, fixed up, rented out, and comes with the management in place.  There is little for the investor to do, which means there is little chance of costly errors.  Preventing expensive mistakes is another important tenet in investing, as detailed in "The Beardstown Ladies Stitch-in-Time Guide to Growing Your Nest Egg."

There are other steps to take to increase the appeal of turnkey investing in real estate even more.beardstown Ladies

If the turnkey properties are part of a retirement account, such as an individual retirement account (IRA), there are no taxes.  That means that the rental income received is not taxed.  Should the turnkey property be sold for a profit, there are no taxes on the capital gains.  A retirement account portfolio results in the high yield investing of turnkey properties being even more lucrative.

Retirement account investing also performs another useful function.  

That is an the area of risk mitigation.  For real estate held in a retirement account, there cannot be a mortgage.  Therefore the owner of the turnkey property does not have to worry about not being able to make the mortgage payment.  While that is certainly a worst-case scenario, there is much to be said to downside protection in all investing, no matter solid the investment.  It is worthy of note that Warren Buffett is an ardent opponent of excessive debt in investing.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is worth over $50 billion.  The Beardstown Ladies also did well.  Obviously an emphasis on investing in well-run entities is shrewd as there is no substitute for good management.  As Cohen has demonstrated with EquityBuild, that is clearly the case with its turnkey properties.