Handing the reins over for anything is done so with at least some trepidation. Historically having complete control over any entire process means the individual would rather fly solo instead of finally letting someone else take over at least part of the process. At some stage however, real estatetrust but verify investors must ultimately make that decision. For the first time investor,

it can be better to let real estate professionals mange the new property for a fee. Or, the investor has a family member help out or even does it all herself but as more and more properties are acquired, it simply becomes too much. Can you trust others to take over where you left off?

Sure you can. Follow President Reagan’s advice, “Trust but verify.” With 10 properties in your portfolio, you’ll rely on others to take over everyday tasks but don’t just call a real estate agent and make a hire to market your rentals. Get referrals and schedule interviews. If you need an agent to show homes and screen tenants and they’re good at it, there should be no shortage of people you can talk to.

At first, keep any hire on a short leash. If the agent screens a tenant and signs a lease application, get copies of pay check stubs, bank statements and employment information used to approve the tenant. See what they see and follow what they do and let them know, gently, you’ll be working with them rather closely and you feel more comfortable that way. You’re not going to tell them how to do their job or critique them along the way but what you are doing is establishing the level of trust that will soon allow you to let go completely. Competence and professionalism should be expected but only after actions back up their words will they be verified.