To "Embrace" Turnkey Real Estate Investing is to Welcome High Returns:- Edward Luce, of London's Financial Times, recently, with the headline, about how, "Obama Needs to Embrace the Promise of US Cities."To    The best way for individuals to do this is through passive investing in turnkey properties.


Luce has been writing extensively in the Financial Times about how American cities are rebounding from the carnage of The Great Recession.  He sees a vitality in cities across the United States that is being restored in urban areas.  As detailed in articles on this site, this can be seen, especially in cities like Chicago were sales and prices are soaring.

There are many ways for investors to participate in the gains from real estate investing in urban areas.  Buying turnkey properties allows for investors to benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals.  Active in the Chicago area among others, Jerry Cohen, President and Founder of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm that specializes in turnkey properties, has been a principal in over 1000 transactions since 1984.  

Many of these deals have been turnkey properties.

These result from EquityBuild finding a property, buying it, fixing it up, securing a suitable tenant, and managing it.  That is truly "one stop" investing.  All the investor has to do is write a check and then book the profits. 

What makes turnkey investing even more rewarding is what many of the television shows and articles about active investing leave out: the substantial time involved and the high risk.  For an individual investor, there is a great deal of time that goes into finding a property.  Then the entire buying profess requires even more time.  After that, comes fixing property up so that it can be rented.  From there, a tenant that will make it a profitable investment must be found.  

Ever see the movie "Pacific Heights" starring Michael Keaton?




There are none of those concerns when purchasing turnkey properties from a company with the established record of success of EquityBuild.  That EquityBuild will manage the property after fixing it up and then finding the tenant demonstrates their commitment to the partner in the transaction.  

That is very comforting for a passive investor (especially one who has seen "Pacific Heights"!)

Making it even more reassuring is that EquityBuild Finance, the funding arm of EquityBuild, can provide a mortgage to complete the transaction.  For a passive investor, this is an excellent way to produce investment income in a risky business.  The rental income from a turnkey partner is generated from a process that has been refined over the decades by an experienced professional.

Turnkey properties are a welcome high yield real estate investment that all can "embrace."