The more amenities a property has the more you can make when selling or renting, right? For example, a single family home with a large backyard and a deck should sell or rent for more than a similarly-sized structure but small yard and no deck. A home with mature trees and a canyon view will havefinding the right property more appeal than a property without either.

Your real estate agent can help determine which upgrades can help with value and which ones to avoid. Just as including desired features, others can detract from your value. What are some things that can suppress value and hold down rental income on a property?

A poor public school system will hold values down. Single family homes are built near public schools and families with children want their kids to have the best free education as possible.

Poor lawn maintenance will also detract from the property’s appeal. Something as simple as keeping the yard mowed and clear of debris will provide a more attractive curb appeal.

Swimming pools are a matter of taste. Some like them and some don’t. They can also require additional insurance, keeping maintenance costs high. If there’s a pool, you’re automatically shutting out a certain segment of buyers. On the other hand, if most properties in the area have a pool and yours doesn’t, that too can hurt.

A clean house means a fresh coat of paint inside and out and is one of the least expensive ways to boost value. A dirty home with peeling paint means the owners didn’t take very good care of the home—what else might need fixing?

How easy is it to get to work, schools and entertainment? While a home’s value is increased when away from major thoroughfares and busy intersections, an address that’s hard to get to or far from work or play will have lower rents compared to homes with easy access.