Investing in foreclosures or other types of distressed real estate is a time-honored way to secure a solid financial future building wealth over time. And the sheer number of foreclosed homes over the past few years has allowed many who were once curious becoming a real estate investor to actually being turnkey real estate investingone.

Buying low and selling for more works in any industry. With real estate however, it’s a bit more to it than the buy/sell price. That works for an automobile but not for real estate. Say there is an abandoned property that needs work. You decide to contact the bank to perhaps work out a deal and buy the home. The bank is open to the idea and you make an offer which is accepted. You perform a thorough inspection to discover issues seen and unseen then make a walk-through with a contractor who can provide you with estimates regarding what needs fixing and what doesn’t. You’ll also order a title report to make a list of any outstanding liens. So far you’ve spent an entire week finding, negotiating and estimating. You determine the project is a “go” and you close the sale.

You list the home with an agent that will ultimately clear $25,000 in your pocket. Or, you can decide to keep the asset along with the growing equity and rent the home for a nice monthly cash flow. Not bad for one-month’s work. How many of these can you do? One per month? Every other month?

Working with a turnkey real estate investment company means you can turn more deals in a shorter period of time because your role is deciding whether or not to make the investment. The turnkey firm does all the work from finding to managing the property. No, you won’t make $25,000 on the transaction because the turnkey company will need their profit but you can invest in more projects compared to going it alone.