Around the mid-2000s when real estate pretty much everywhere went nuts, everyone became a real estate investor. the evolution of turnkey investing Financing fueled the flames and another housing bubble began to form. Anyone who could fog up a mirror could get a loan to buy an investment property and sell it for a profit in a matter of weeks in some instances.

It was easy to see why investing in real estate became such a hot topic. Books were written and cable T.V. shows produced documenting how investors bought and sold real estate making thousands of dollars along the way. Even the individual investor who maybe had never bought a home before found all that needed to be done was buy then list. There was no need for any particular knowledge about the transaction other than the most basic of all strategies, “buy low then sell for more.” But then we all know what happened.

It was the professional real estate investor who remained active in the market but they never changed the way they did business. The active investor with multiple properties in a portfolio knew how to identify and evaluate a potential investment. It took an experienced team of agents, attorneys, contractors and others with years of real estate experience.

Today there seems to be a trend of Turnkey Real Estate Investment companies who seek out others with cash to provide the financing needed to complete a project. These private individuals are investors who are looking at their current returns and seeing meager yields. When approached by a real estate investor seeking financial partners, it’s easy to see why private individuals who may have wanted to invest in real estate along with the double digit returns provided but the investor didn’t have the experience needed to complete a successful transaction. It’s not like it was 10 years ago when all you had to do was show up at the closing table then plant a “For Sale” sign.  With a real estate company that provides turnkey investment opportunities, the investor relies on the knowledge, reputation and experience of the developer in lieu of personal experience.