There is a distinct difference between a do-it-yourself and a turnkey real estate investment company. The distinction is beyond the obvious amount of hands-on either method employs but instead why the turnkey operation exists in the first place.
A turnkey real estate investment firm has the ability the research full time potential real estate projects.


turnkey or DIY The individual investor can also research full time potential properties to buy but that can only happen if there is sufficient income from other sources to support the research.

The turnkey company hires professionals at each key department that the individual investor simply cannot provide. Each of these professionals devotes their talents full time, each time honing their negotiation and evaluation skills with each passing project. The individual can never expect to achieve the level of skill that a turnkey operation maintains. There are simply too many skillsets needed. But that doesn’t mean the individual investor who goes it alone won’t be successful. That’s hardly the case.

An individual investor will form a team of professionals that will work as a team to find, evaluate, rehabilitate and manage a property. Those on the team are also “full timers” and are talented as well. Each team member will profit every time a property flips or is held for capital gain and cash flow. Turnkey real estate companies don’t own the model of forming a team and yes the basic difference is who does all the work finding potential projects to see if they can turn a profit.

But the real benefit of a turnkey operation is having a fully vetted real estate project prepared for an individual real estate investor to review. All the ground work has been done and the numbers prepared for analysis. The turnkey operation simply presents a neatly packaged investment opportunity. The investor need only say “yes” or “no.”