Sometimes an individual becomes a real estate investor quite by accident. Usually this happens through probate when a property is transferred to a relative or someone close by way of instruction with a will or a trust. The heir has a decision to make at that time whether to keep the property or sell it.turnkey real estate investing

Most often the property is sold if the home is located several states away or the new owner simply doesn’t want to mess with renting it out, collecting rent and maintaining the property. However, some find out it’s a great way to start a career investing in real estate.

As the monthly checks begin to roll in and the property begins to increase in value, the brand new landlord decides it’s a good idea to buy another rental property. But this time the property doesn’t just suddenly appear with a phone call from a probate attorney. This time the landlord must find the property anew.

Right away the new investor finds out that it’s not as easy as perusing the local multiple listing service. There’s no way to find out if the home listed for sale is a bargain or not. Does the property need any work or is it ready to be occupied and rented out the moment the deal closes? What about knowing how much to charge each month for rent and how do you find the right tenants? One reason some potential real estate investors balk at buying a rental is having to deal with tenants. And if they don’t pay, some states have some very strict eviction laws that make it difficult to evict a tenant for any number of legitimate reasons, not paying rent just one of them.

“That’s our turnkey solution,” says Shaun Cohen, Vice President of EquityBuild. “We do all the heavy lifting so the investor needs only to evaluate the offer and determine if it’s a good fit. We evaluate, estimate, repair and remodel and manage the property so the individual investor doesn’t have to.”

Real estate investing can provide significant returns and provide long term wealth accumulation but it does take the touch of a team of professionals in order to be successful. The turnkey solution provides the expertise that an individual investor simply may not have.