At its face, Real Estate Investing means buying an asset and either sell it for an immediate profit (flip) or hold onto the asset for long term appreciation and monthly cash flow. It’s a fairly straightforward strategy and a version of the classic “buy low, sell high” mantra. But in reality, real estate investing is much,you don't need to be an expert much more than that. Sure,

the novice investor may find a property undervalued, quite by accident perhaps and knows the property can sell immediately for much more if the home was only repaired a bit.Find, repair, then sell for more. But if you pull back the curtain, you’ll find it’s much, much more than that.Take for instance the array of professionals that are needed simply to evaluate a potential property. You need a good full time real estate agent that has a nose for the market and plenty of connections. You need a top notch contractor who can walk through a property and provide a solid estimate of how much the repairs will cost and how long the repairs can take. Of course, that’s after the property has been inspected at least twice by a professional property inspector. Then the home needs to be marketed and sold at the required price, this again by the full time agent. So do you have to be all of these things in order to be successful?

“I often refer to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule,” says Shaun Cohen, Vice President of EquityBuild. “Mr. Gladwell points out that to get really, really good at something it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice. The attorney, the agent, the contractor all must put in their due before becoming an expert in their respective field.”

10,000 hours is five years of full time work. But to be a successful real estate investor, you don’t need to spend all that time learning. Instead, you can invest your funds with EquityBuild and let EquityBuild do the work for you. EquityBuild already has the talent needed and every member of the team has reached their own 10,000 hour threshold. You simply need to sit back and wait for your profits.