Whether or not you’re not a regular real estate investor who is active in the local market, you know how important it is to have a full time real estate agent working with you.turnkey real estate investing Even if you’ve recently obtained your real estate license without a full time effort with a few successful years of buying andselling real estate, nothing can replace the talents of an agent.We talked about that in another article.

But why stop there? What other professions can you add to your sphere of influence that will bring in more profits on every deal? If you’re constantly in the market for distressed properties besides an agent you need to tap into the talents of an experienced contractor. When you take a couple of walk-throughs with a property take your contractor with you as well as provide the contractor with a copy of the inspection report. The contractor can tell you how much it will cost to rehabilitate the unit as well as how long the repairs will take. By using the same contractor each time, and the contractor is deserving of your allegiance, you should get both loyalty from the contractor as well as discounts.

An attorney is also a key player when it’s time to review the title report. A title report in some areas is provided by a title agent but however the report is obtained you need to carefully review it. The title report will show any outstanding liens that must be satisfied before you can legally own the property. If you plan on making $25,000 on a quick flip but find out there $25,000 in federal income tax liens and another $10,000 in property taxes that must be paid, you’re losing money.

If you don’t want to assemble your own private team or are more passive with your investments than others, then you need the services of an investment firm that offers Turnkey Real Estate solutions. All the research is done by the company for you compiled by a team of professionals. All you need to do is say “yes” or “no” to any proposal. Either way, leverage the talent around you.