You can be a real estate investor and participate in the local new construction boom but you don’t have to be the principal involved but a participant. Real estate investors in many areas have found that a particular market has hit its peak and it’s time to find new territory. Places where job growth isturnkey investing strong and people are moving from one state to another to take advantage of the employment opportunities.

Those places abound in the U.S. it just takes a slight bit of research. Established metropolitan areas with employers that are hiring need places for those workers to live and that means new housing must be built. Do you want to be involved in that play? You can without having to finance $200,000 or so needed to build a new rental property.

There are investors actively involved in new construction and many times they don’t go to a regular construction lender for a construction loan. Perhaps the project they want to build is not exactly in the bank’s current portfolio or the investor wants much more than just enough to build one property. Maybe he wants to build an entire subdivision or tear down an old apartment complex and build a brand new one. If the demographics and marketing studies make sense, the investor can rely on private individuals such as you to provide the needed financing. Not you alone mind you, but a group of individuals who can participate in as little or as much as they‘d like.

Say you’re approached to invest in a $3 million dollar apartment makeover. The investor is promising you a 10 percent return on your money within 12 months. The investor may require a minimum investment but you have the choice of how much you’d like to participate. If this is your first go round with this investor, you may want to get your feet wet with a smaller amount, say $50,000. When you receive your profit at the end of the year, you may decide that’s the way to