You know the type. The investor who spends more time analyzing and worrying about an investment portfolio instead of actually enjoying a retirement. They’re the same ones who subscribe to every possible investment magazine and website as investing in real estatethey can only to ultimately find that two of the subscriptions say the complete opposite of another duo.

At say $49 per month, that’s a lot of advice only to have several “gurus” counter each other’s wisdom. What is it that’s said about economists? It’s the only profession where two people can get a Nobel Prize for saying the opposite thing?

Yet actively searching for the right information in order to achieve the sort of financial goals an investor needs in which to leisurely retire is understandable. The problem is that there is so much advice that it’s literally impossible to sift through, much less completely understand.

Now, hold those thoughts and we’ll return to them in a moment.

Investing in real estate, whether for a quick flip or a long term hold, has proven to be a profitable investment, providing its investors with regular, double digit returns. The process involves finding a property that is priced under current market value which needs some work. Once the property is identified, the cost and time to repair is estimated along with what the final sales price will be. The home is then acquired, rehabilitated then marketed. After all the expenses are deducted from the final sales price, the returns are distributed among the investors.

Investing in real estate is profitable, but can be time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, be an investor that finances such a transaction. You don’t have to be the one that does all the work but profits from the work of other professionals. When a developer finds a project and runs the numbers, you have the opportunity to say “yes” or “no.” If you decline, you simply wait for the next project. If you accept, you can expect to make double digit returns secured by real estate.

There’s nothing to sift through, nothing to subscribe to. Your job is passive in such a transaction. And the best part is your profits can be rolled into the next project. Or not. It’s completely in your control.