Successful Real Estate Investment firms are famous for finding and hiring professional staff. It takes a significant amount of time and talent to foster a successful real estate investment and there are so many moving parts and specialties needed the entire process can take weeks before it even gets toturnkey investing the presentation stage.

Real estate isn’t quite considered a “liquid” asset so investors need to be absolutely certain the deal is a solid one. And if there’s a question about part of the process, it’s okay to bring in some outsiders.

Early on during the evaluation the property goes through an inspection to determine if the property needs more work than it’s worth and still provide time to walk from the contract if needed. For larger, more complex transactions it’s common to bring in two or even three separate property inspectors to compare notes.

When the property is evaluated to determine the scope of work that needs to be completed before the property can be rented at the optimal rent rate the contractor has a team that helps identify necessary repairs, others that find the most reliable source for materials at the most competitive price and still maintain quality. Some properties barely make it through this stage and in case the repair costs seem significantly close to killing the deal an outside contractor can be called to make the same evaluation during a walk-through.

But of course the initial buy price must be carefully calculated and if the property is to be flipped for a profit, how much can be made on the sale and how long will it take to sell it for the desired price? The buy/sell tandem goes through a rigorous review and additional professionals may be brought in for a second and third opinion.

Being careful means being able to bring in additional help when needed. A real estate investment firm must be confident with its numbers and there’s no room for second-guessing.