If you regularly invest with a turnkey real estate investment company or you’re thinking about it, you’ve recognized the benefits. Yes, they charge a fee for their services but then again you don’t have to spend the time or expense finding deals. Your effort is devoted to analyzing a deal when it reachesturnkey real estate investment your desk, all wrapped up in a solid business plan.

But one major benefit of a turnkey company is often overlooked—they research investment opportunities well beyond your zip code. It’s common in any area when real estate cycles swing in one direction or the other. Successful real estate investors can find opportunities in any market yet once a host of new investors “discover” an area full of possibilities, the field gets a little crowded and homes move faster than they normally would. This new demand can also increase prices paid due to the number of people looking at the same pool of real estate. Yet at some stage that pool runs dry. There are no more deals.

Turnkey Real Estate firm goes well beyond any local territory and applies a proprietary system that analyzes the demographics and economic trends in other cities to identify a buy cycle. Some of these systems are more sophisticated than others but those in the business for any good length of time have perfected their systems finding areas in which to invest. As a real estate investor, you’re taught to invest where you live for a number of good reasons, one of which is the ability to drive by your potential purchase for a first-hand inspection.

A turnkey company does all that for you and while you need to identify a company you trust to find properties out of your area, you’ll discover you’re looking more at the numbers and not necessarily what the property looks like. You’ll see photos provided to you and you can research public records, but turnkey opportunities force you to do what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place—running the numbers.