Real estate investors first starting out find that while they are ready to conquer the world they soon find out the world has no idea who they are. Enthusiasm goes a long way as a motivator but when the mobile phone is silent and there are no emails coming in, soon the only sound is crickets. That canreal estate team rewards get you down in a hurry.

You need to let the world know you’re a real estate investor and you’re looking for deals. Want to know an effective way to get the word out while having leads sent your direction? Put your team to work.

Your team is your real estate agent. Your real estate attorney. Title agent. Contractor, home inspector and anyone who will profit once you successfully close your next deal. These are all professionals and while they may be passionate about their trade they don’t do it for free. They do it for a living and they need to be encouraged to always be on the lookout for your next deal. But what if you’re not the only investor they work with? What if you’re the new person looking for the first project?

Think about giving your team exclusivity. Don’t shop around for services or open title at a different place each month. Find a solid agent and commit to that agent letting the agent know you’re in it the for the long haul. Want to get instant loyalty? Bring business to them, don’t wait for them to bring business to you. When you first begin acquiring rentals, invite professionals to join your team while providing them with an instant commission. It works both ways. You want your team to work for you and you need to work for your team. That’s a financial symbiotic if there ever was one. And it makes money.