There are five excuses stated as to why many do not invest in a recent article by Debbie Dragon on a financial website.  None should prevent anyone from investing in real estate, particularly the third listed.  That excuse on her helpful piece,excuses not to invest in real estate "5 Excuses that Prevent You From Investing," was "Investing is too complicated."

 For those who have not started investing for this excuse, turnkey real estate properties are the reason why they should start.

A turnkey real estate property is one that has been found, fixed up, rented to a suitable tenant, and then managed by a seasoned real estate professional.  What makes a turnkey rental property even less complicated and more appealing is when it is also financed by the seller.  In this situation, there is no complexity: the property is in fine shape with a good tenant and great management from an experienced professional.  It is best for an investor to buy a turnkey rental real estate property in an area that is known well from pros who know what they are doing.

As examples of those offering turnkey properties, Jerry Cohen, President and Founder of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm, has been a principal in more than two thousand transactions since 1984.  He has been successful, posting an annual average return of 17% for transactional deals.  The length of his tenure in real estate investing is testament to his success.

To make the transaction even less complicated, EquityBuild Finance, the funding unit of EquityBuild, can provide the mortgage.  Not only does that make investing in real estate less confusing as there is no need to hunt for a lender, it shows the confidence that the Cohens, EquityBuild, and EquityBuild Finance have in their properties.  There is no selling of a property and abandoning the buyer: the Cohens, EquityBuild, and EquityBuild Finance are in real estate investing for the long term.  An area of focus now in Chicago, due to its alluring potential which has prices surging.

In addition to not having to be complicated, investing in real estate can be very lucrative.

Over the last two hundred years, profits from real estate have produced about 90% of the world's millionaires.  During The Great Recession when stocks and bonds plunged, the level of rental income in the United States actually rose.  As rents rise about 5% annually, that means the rate will double in less than 15%.

Investing does not have to be complicated.  Real estate is one of the easiest asset classes to understand.  Not everyone has to own a stock or a bond, but everyone needs a place to live.  With mortgage rates rising, there will be more looking to rent as they will not be able to qualify for a loan.  From that, the level of rents being charged will rise as it is basic supply and demand economics for an asset class.

To capture those profits can be done very easily through investing in turnkey real estate properties.  All of the demanding work has been completed by experienced real estate professionals.  With a tenant in the property and management in place, cutting a check completes the deal.  It is difficult to think of anything less complicated that that type of rewarding transaction!