While the news has been full of bullish reports about the rebounding housing market in the United States, it is always comforting to read about signs from those in the industry that add even more depth.  A recent such indicator is the report from the National Association of Home Builders that exhibit sales are up 16 percent for the Design and Construction Week Show.  That exhibit will be taking place along with the International Builders Show and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Nevada  in February of 2014.

What is particularly bullish about this huge jump in exhibits in those buying are in the front line of the housing revivals across the country.  These companies are the subcontractors being hired by the builders and the remodelers.  Those in the design and construction industry do not operate "on spec" as contracts must be in hand before moving forward.  

"We see the greater demand for kitchen and bath products every day with the work we do in Chicago housing," noted Jerry Cohen, President and Founder of EquityBuild, a real estate investment firm.  Cohen, who has been involved in more than 2000 real estate transactions as a principal, furthered that, "When we rehab a house, it is modernized.  There is a growing need all the items needed to make the bathrooms and kitchens in our properties top-of-the-line."

Even more bullish news is that the exhibit space for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is more than 90 percent sold.  The exhibit space has been increased to over 30,000 square feet. The International Builders Show reports that more than 60 exhibitors who left during The Great Recession have now returned again to rent space.  That in itself is very positive development.

Many times companies will cut back on marketing and advertising when times are tough.  That so many are expanding is a very positive sign that the American housing market is well on its way to recovery.  As the trade shows are in February of next year, there is obviously tremendous optimism about the real estate market in the United States for the spring of 2014.