Another big reason why investing with a Turnkey Real Estate firm is what happens after the asset has been acquired, rehabilitated and rented out. You don’t have to be a landlord. Some real estate investors don’t mind being a landlord and all the things associated with the responsibility.

There are turnkey real estate advantagesmaintenance calls that occur, collecting the rent and making sure the unit is rented out all the time. Yet such landlords often only own one or two units and such duties are relatively easy to handle. But a turnkey real estate company takes care of these tasks and more. What are some of the property management duties the turnkey operation takes care of that you’d likely rather not?

We mentioned maintenance issues already but it goes beyond the leaky faucet. That’s something that’s not generally considered something you’ll need to take care of immediately. Soon, but not an emergency. Instead, there are emergency repairs and unless you have someone to take care of them for you, it’s your job. Water heater out? It’s time to buy a new unit and have a plumber install it for you. Emergency maintenance is perhaps the issue most landlords wish they didn’t have.

Collecting rent means money in the bank but trying to collect it from delinquent tenants isn’t any fun. Worse, having to evict tenants due to non-payment of rent. Yes, proper vetting will help avoid evictions but they do happen.

And there are other hats that you’ll wear being a hands-on landlord such as a real estate agent, marketing expert, negotiator, maintenance crew and background expert. It is a lot of work and why working with a turnkey real estate investment company can provide you with the profits while taking care of the property and the tenants. Those are headaches you can avoid.