NAPLES, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For those looking to profit from the recovering real estate market in the United States, Equity Build Real Estate News, operating as,is a website that will provide the guidance.


“The beauty of financing private mortgage notes”

Equity Build Real Estate News is the creation of Jerry Cohen, founder of EquityBuild, a premier private mortgage investment firm, and Equity Finance, its real estate arm. Cohen, who was just honored with the prestigious “Moving America Forward” award due to his success and service to others in buying a home from Equity Build and Equity Finance, stated, “There are many opportunities to profit from high yield real estate lending with private mortgage notes and other financing vehicles. It is my intention and hopes that Equity Build Real Estate News evolves into becoming the premier source for guidance and direction on how to benefit from high yield real estate lending.”

From his successful career in real estate, Cohen has mastered the art of high yield real estate lending. This lucrative financing activity can be accomplished through private mortgage notes, equity-based loans, and other transactions. “The beauty of financing private mortgage notes,” advised Cohen, “is that the terms are completely up to the lender and the borrower. There is not the rigid set of requirements in traditional mortgages that led to so many tragic foreclosures during The Great Recession.”

All parties benefit from private mortgage notes, as detailed throughout the site of Equity Build Real Estate News. The borrowers gain from securing a loan that meets their specific needs when traditional lenders such as a bank, credit union, or mortgage broker cannot or simply will not. It can also be transacted in a much more expeditious manner as the home buyer does not have to wait for the loan approval committee to meet.

For the private mortgage provider, this high yield real estate investing provides better returns than other opportunities with the potential for much less risk. The flexibility in terms protects the interests of the private mortgage lender. Many times those looking for private mortgage money are better candidates for a loan but cannot secure one due to the rigid guidelines of traditional lenders, which allows for those offering a private mortgage note to gain even more.

This and other ways for borrowers and lenders to benefit from the various aspects of private mortgage notes and high yield real estate investing will be detailed at Equity Build Real Estate News. It is a one-stop shop for all parties seeking to profit from private mortgage financing in real estate. With the real estate market moving forward in the United States, Equity Build Real Estate News will provide direction for those lenders and borrowers seeking to be at the front!

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