If someone came up to you today, someone that you knew and trusted asked, “If I brought you a proposal that would give you a 20 percent return in six months and you don’t have to do anything at all becauseturnkey investing I’ll do all the work for you would you be interested?”

would you believe them? Does it sound like this friend is either off his rocker or maybe building his own little cash pyramid?  If you were approached by such a proposal from a complete stranger or maybe even a postcard that magically appeared in your mailbox it’s likely you’ll respond with a “thanks, but no thanks” comment.

But if you do in fact know the person or performed your own rigorous due diligence, who wouldn’t turn down a 20 percent return in six months? In real estate investing, that’s one way it really works.

Let’s say that you decided one day to become a real estate investor. You begin your research first by calling your bank about financing options then of course a general contractor that you might know to help you evaluate your first prospect. Oh, you must also decide if you want to visit the county records office to research for foreclosure filings, contact a bank’s REO department or use a buyer’s agent to help you scout deals.

You find a property, figure out how much to pay as well as determine what the repair costs will be. You can decide to sell the property on your own as a FSBO but then again you won’t get the sort of exposure you’ll need to properly market the property in the shortest amount of time possible. After all, you’ve got loan outstanding and interest charges are adding up.

And one more thing: you can’t quit your day job. But you can forego all that and employ the services of a turnkey operation that finds the property, prepares a proposal, rehabilitates and sells the home at a tidy profit. All you have to do is made the decision to invest. You can in fact make double digit returns investing in real estate using teams already in place, waiting for your call.