There are stock brokers whose job it is to buy and sell stocks on behalf of their clients. And financial planners can craft together a mix of stocks, bonds and mutual funds for a client based upon the investor’s appetite for risk, age and long term goals.

Each time any of these are bought or sold, theturnkey real estate investing broker or financial planner gets some sort of compensation. When you get a phone call from your stock broker friend who is suggesting selling a particular stock, how do you know it’s in your best interest to do so and not simply racking up a sale for the day? In essence, you don’t. You might have an idea and have been with the broker for years but still there can be that nagging influence that tells you to make sure any financial move is for you.

Working with a Turnkey Real Estate Investment group means evaluating the complete “before and after” picture. When you buy a stock or short a position for example, you’re speculating that the stock will do what you expect it will do at some point down the road. When you evaluate a real estate investment opportunity, the numbers presented to you are not only fairly straightforward but also easier to predict the outcome compared to stock-picking.

The turnkey real estate investor properly vets any potential project and by the time the project is ready to be reviewed by investors the proposal has gone through a thorough series of checks,  inspections and re-checks to make sure the numbers all work out. Before you ever see any proposal, there has been considerable time and treasure devoted to the project. The turnkey company has already committed to the project and is asking you to partner with them by investing. In other words, they’re not going to completely use other people’s money with no risk of their own. Instead, they will make money if you make money. But by the time you’ve seen the proposal, it’s almost a given.