It is in the details that the story is told, not the headline alone. A recent article in Kiplinger's, the personal finance magazine, called out to readers to, "Invest in Real Estate."turnkey real estate  While history has proven that this the best way to prosper, passively investing in turnkey properties is the shrewdest way for many to proceed.

As noted in the must read Kiplinger's piece, "Investment Fads come and go, but this much is certain: People will always need a place to live."  Many are now living in turnkey properties as renters.  Turnkey properties are those that are bought, fixed up, rented out to a solid tenant, and then managed for the investor by the seller.  This process allows for the new owner to benefit from the experience of others.

That is the overwhelming appeal of investing in turnkey properties.

Although not impossible, it is highly unlikely that an individual investor could ever approach the level of experience and expertise of turkey property professionals.  Rather than try to replicate that success and experience, an almost insurmountable task, it is far more efficient and effective for the individual to passively invest to profit from those who have years, if not decades, of deals done right.

Real estate investing can be very risky.  If a property does not sell, these is a mortgage attached.  Those payments must be made on a monthly basis for the length of the term, up to 30 years.  Even if the property was bought with cash, there is a tremendous opportunity cost when it languishes on the market.

Turnkey real estate investing mitigates those risks.  The property is already fixed up with a suitable tenant in residence.  The seller manages the property, that clearly demonstrates the confidence of the company in the deals and its commitment to the buyer.  Rather than "cutting and running," those continuing to manage the property remain to work with the investor to ensure that the profit potential is not only realized, but maximized.  Even after being sold, these professionals stay behind to optimize the turnkey property deal for the investor.

There is no disagreement with the Kiplinger's article about the attractiveness of investing in real estate.  Over the last 200 years, real estate gains have created about 90% of the world's millionaires.  For the wise individual who follows that lesson of history,real estate millionaires passive investing in turnkey properties is the best way to profit from the experts buying real estate.  The risks are minimized with the returns for the investor being maximized.  That is the big headline that all should note about investing in turnkey real estate.