We’ve talked on multiple occasions about the importance of forming a team. A gathering of like-minded professionals with skill sets specific to a critical part of a real estate transaction. Not only have we written about the importance of team building but how to staff one as well. There are full timepassive income turkey real estate professions that specialize in certain phases of real estate investing that doesn’t cost you anything and makes you money.  

Not bad. But what if you’re really not all into starting a real estate company, finding team members and managing an ongoing business but still want to Invest in Real Estate? The answer is using a turnkey company.

A turnkey real estate company provides all of the needed services upfront. All you need to do is decide whether or not to make the investment. For example, a turnkey organization has one or more real estate agents constantly in the market looking for potential projects. Once a possibility is identified, another team member evaluates how much the repairs will cost while others determine how much the property is worth as it exists and how much the property will be worth once ready for market.

Other turnkey opportunities take it one step further and concentrate on rental properties. In addition to finding real estate below market and remodeling the unit the project is prepared for a long term hold with rental income each month. In this fashion, the real estate investor evaluates a potential purchase regarding the sales price, monthly rent and financing costs. The turnkey company fills in all the blanks and even finds a tenant and manages the property for you. Yes, a turnkey opportunity costs a bit more compared to doing everything yourself or with a partner but your involvement is completely passive. All that is required of you is saying, “Yes” or “No.”