Uniformity breeds familiarity, right? If you do something over and over again you get very familiar with the process and it soon becomes second nature. While turnkey real estate investment firms repeat the same processes over time the more successful the operation will be.
Running a business model over time allows the process to correct itself to ultimately become extremely efficient as well as successful.

turnkey real estate investing

What isn’t repeated over and over again is the property type. A turnkey operation won’t evaluate the very same 2,500 square foot single family three bedroom home in the same neighborhood over the course or time. That’s a bit hyperbolic but the fact is that investment real estate is rarely the same. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find two or three properties that are mirror images of one another in all aspects.

A Turnkey Real Estate Investment firm may however specialize in a specific property type. For example, there are experts in large multi-family apartment buildings. Still others prefer a smaller six-unit condo. Investors can choose to specialize in college towns where rental properties dominate the market. And the world of commercial real estate investments offers boundless opportunities and property types.

But this property variance doesn’t mean the business model must change as each new prospective purchase is evaluated. Far from it. In fact, straying from a proven process is a signal for disaster. The process is perfected as each successful project is completed with the only variable is the type of property being scrutinized.

The process is the same—find, evaluate, finance, rehabilitate then sell or manage the unit. Any property can fit into that model. Fix what needs fixing but don’t bother attempting to fix something that has already proven to be successful as well as efficient.