It occurred to me the other day that there are those that are perfect candidates for a Turnkey Real Estate investment company and those that may not be so inclined but it’s less of what the turnkey company does or says but perhaps more of the personality trait of the individual investor.

Some feel moreadvantages of turnkey investing comfortable working every detail of a real estate transaction than others. Perhaps it’s a control mindset but it’s likely it’s nothing more than some like the process as much as they like the result. Real estate investors of course don’t spend the time and energy needed to complete a successful transaction just for practice, profit is the motive. But it makes sense that those who prefer to “DIY” enjoy being involved at every step.

It can be compared to someone who enjoys working on their own car in their garage to someone who simply drops the car off at the dealership. The end result is typically the same it’s just that one individual doesn’t think that working on a car is actually work but a past time. It’s an enjoyable activity. The individual taking the car to a dealership has other things to do and working on cars isn’t one of them.

There is no right or wrong way in either approach. What matters most is not what a turnkey real estate investment company can do for their clients but if the investor and the turnkey operation are indeed a perfect fit. If they are, the turnkey company does the work and provides the opportunity to the investor who agreed to take make the investment ahead of time. In this fashion, investors can participate in many more investments over the course of the year instead of working hands-on from start to finish on a project.