When you invest your wealth with a turnkey real estate investment company, the bulk of the work has already been completed. And the work is completed by those who work in their respective industries full time.

But when you first look at a proposal there was a lot of work that went into the

turnkey real estate investing presentation before you ever got it on your desktop and in your hands. In fact, only a very few of the properties up for a review ever make it past the vetting process. That means when you consider another turnkey investment, you know that it’s made the cut on multiple fronts.

Just finding the right property takes time as well as talent. Individual real estate investors who scour the local multiple listing service once or twice per day know how difficult it is just to find a possible project. The unit must be in the right neighborhood and at the right price. Most new listings have already been updated or remodeled while getting preened for the MLS and are price right at market. What the investor really looks for is a property that has been neglected or mismanaged to the point where the property no longer cash flows and is in desperate need of not only a makeover but a brand new management team as well.

Once a prospective purchase is identified, multiple inspections occur to make sure nothing is missed. Not only will contractors visit the property to estimate how much needed repairs will cost but also to explore potentially deal-killing issues such as severe foundation or basement problems. A thorough market rent analysis is performed and the financing terms must be just right to make sure the properties provide enough cash flow not simply to cover the mortgage and related expenses but also to provide a positive monthly cash flow for the investors. Most properties never even get out of the starting gate. But when a project passes the exam with flying colors and is delivered to you for a review, now it’s your turn. Now you need to decide whether or not to add this to your portfolio.