Becoming an expert requires more than just desire or skill, it takes practice at the craft. No amount of intelligence can overcome experience. Even the most prepared will stumble at first before the activity becomes a matter of reflex. Well, in the world of real estate investing while not exactly a reflex itpractice makes perfect does become much easier to more quickly identify a potential purchase once 20 or 30 units have successfully closed.And one of the ways to do more faster is to concentrate on a specific class of real estate.

Real estate Investing requires no small amount of due diligence and the goal is profit and wealth accumulation. It’s not a matter of how quickly something can be done but whether the potential investment meets those criteria. Yet if they do meet the required criteria then the more you can do in the same amount of time means more profit and more long term wealth. If you make $10,000 per unit you can make more if you close 12 deals in 12 months instead of six deals, right? Of course. Yet if the investor changes from property class to property class at each juncture there will be adjustments made at each change which will slow down the production line.

For example, say there is an area with an opportunity to buy a dozen duplexes that are located near public transportation for easy access to schools and work. The floor plans are almost identical so what does the savvy investor do? Instead of trying to make each unit a bit different from the other they’re remodeled as close to one another as possible with the same style of appliances, flooring and amenities. Buying more of the same product for the repairs mean discounts and the contractors can more quickly install the same sort of flooring on the same floor plan than they can wood vs. carpet in various layouts.

Familiarity and efficiencies will multiply over time as the same type of real estate is acquired. When you’re good at something, simply get better at it.