Turnkey real estate investing allows you, the individual investor, to evaluate real estate investment opportunities all wrapped up in a bow.turnkey flip or hold A firm that packages such opportunities for investors has identified a property or a series of them for you to review.

The package will highlight the acquisition cost, how much it will take to rehabilitate the project, how much the property can be sold for and how much the project will cash flow each month. Your job is to determine whether or not the proposal meets your current financial goals and if you’ve been working with a particular company on multiple transactions it’s very likely you’re being invited to invest because the project does meet your criteria.

A turnkey proposal will clearly identify the exit strategy, or the end game of the project. How long it will take and what you can expect as a return. Typically there are two opportunities, one is to finance all or part of a turnkey project and share part of the revenue once the project is sold or you may decide whether to stay involved with the property as a long term owner and enjoy the monthly cash flow. Turnkey transactions aren’t just about buying and selling but also buying, renting and managing. A turnkey project means you can buy and hold for long term appreciation and cash flow each and every month. Is there an advantage of one or the other? Is it better to buy and flip or buy and hold long term?

Each has its advantages but the better question is, “Does it meet my financial goals?” Both choices are good ones as long as they align with your current and future investment strategies. It’s never one over the other. It’s simply a matter of a good fit and you’re absolutely clear on the proposal at the very beginning.