Turnkey real estate companies get rather efficient at their trade. Sure, they have a talented staff with decades of experience finding and analyzing potential deals but they can also tend to specialize in a specific genre.

Corporate efficiencies are applied and over time the turnkey organization has reacheddo what turnkey companies do such a level of expertise that it can evaluate a prospect in a fraction of the time it used to take. An individual real estate investor doesn’t have the resources a turnkey operation has nor the years and years of experience in play. But there are some things an individual investor can mimic to achieve greater success investing in real estate.

Turnkey Real Estate firms will typically gravitate toward a specific property type. After closing on a successful deal, it’s natural to look for the same types of projects. The analysis model is implemented and the project is soon determined whether or not to proceed. Even turnkey firms that invest in all types of real estate will dedicate specific staff to a department specializing in that particular type. There will be a different staff who analyzes commercial office buildings with retail space than those who look at single family homes for instance.

You can do the same by staying loyal to one particular property type as you gain experience both in the analysis as well as the neighborhood where the property is located. When just starting out simply looking at the buy/sell dynamic instead of specializing in a particular sector it will take longer to generate the efficiencies needed to cuts costs both during the acquisition and rehabilitation but identifying the prospective investment in the first place. Achieve excellence in one space before moving into another and you do that by staying in your comfort zone and finding ways during each transaction to save both time and money.