Real estate investors are taught early on to buy in areas that are familiar to them. And that’s good advice. Familiarity with an established neighborhood helps investors more quickly spot a potential real estate investment. Further still, some investors like to specialize in a particular type of property in a buying out of statespecific part of town.

Knowing the area includes how much rent can be charged as well as anticipating future real estate trends due to local economic developments such as a new employer moving to town or a new shopping mall being built. Buying where you know is good advice.

But what if you know all that and are motivated to buy but there simply aren’t any properties? The real estate market isn’t ideal for any variety of reasons for investors. So what can you do? Keep looking? Give up? Always keep looking and never give up but try looking elsewhere. As in another state.

There are pockets in the country with some very ideal conditions for real estate investors. Solid economies, a growing job force and property appreciation. But if you’ve always been told to buy local how can you research properties that are two or three time zones away? You don’t have to do all the research. You can let a Turnkey Real Estate company do the work for you.

The turnkey company finds real estate under market, makes renovations where needed and sells the property for a profit. Or, the turnkey does all that but not only sells the property to you but also finds quality tenants and manages the property for you. It really is a turnkey process—all you do is your own fair share of due diligence regarding the transaction as well as the company itself. If the real estate investment cupboard is bare where you live, there are options that allow you to take advantage of growing markets with a turnkey real estate investment firm.