You’ve read here many times about the importance of surrounding yourself with professionals. Real estate investing has so many moving parts it’s impossible to become an expert in everything. Full time real estate agents understand the markets better than most anyone else as it relates toLicensed Appraiser past performance, selling price and how long it might take to flip a property.

Inspectors and contractors are just as important when it’s time to determine how much repairs will cost or whether a prospective flip will make or cost you money. But you don’t want to be entirely out of the loop. You can’t simply rely on the advice of others without knowing something about the profession. For example, have you thought of being licensed in one of the professions? If so, which one?

Most would automatically reply “real estate license” to understand the inner workings and legalities of buying and selling real estate, not to mention unfettered access to the local multiple listing service. But have you thought of being trained as a real estate appraiser?

Real estate agents can provide a comparative market analysis but an appraiser will dig deeper and provide a more true current and future value of a property. After all, banks rely on appraisers to determine current market value. If banks use appraisers to establish value, shouldn’t that knowledge help you when investing in real estate?

You can take as little as 75 hours of appraisal education to receive the Appraiser Trainee designation working alongside a licensed appraiser all the way up to a Certified Residential Appraisal. Take the courses and pass the exam and you’re on your way. Few investors ever consider being trained as an appraiser but you can certainly see how it can pay off. You don’t necessarily need to become fully licensed or take the final exam but you will understand more clearly how properties are valued and how lenders use appraisals.