Any reasonable investor wants to know the risks of a potential investment as well as the rewards. The higher the risk the more rewards the investor expects in terms of higher returns. Lower risk investments, such as bonds or certificates of deposits offer lower yields but they’re practically bullet proof. assets that pay as they growInvestments, regardless of the type are expected, at least in the investor’s eyes to appreciate, aside from any “put and call” transactions.

An investor buys a stock for X and hopes at a later date the stock will be X+. So too mutual funds or any other type of equity. The investor’s due diligence will help guide the investor to the right conclusion, investing and expecting a return.

Precious commodities are both a hedge against inflation as well as an expectation of an increase in value. Just watch any cable T.V. show and soon you’ll see advertisements to invest in gold or silver. And when trading stocks, there will be commissions and transaction fees deducted from the proceeds. But why simply invest in an asset that is expected to appreciate but doesn’t provide a monthly cash flow?

That’s the value of real estate, especially in today’s environment. From a single family home to a 200-unit apartment building, smart investors can identify opportunities that are undervalued, acquire them and not only deposit a check each month but sit back and watch equity rise over time. A good mutual fund will grow in value but won’t provide you with a pay check every month. Not to mention the income tax benefits that real estate provides that a stock simply cannot. Investors do have the opportunity to acquire an investment, watch it grow and get paid at the same time. That Investment is Real Estate.