Real estate investors are business people. And like any other business, they’re involved in all aspects of the venture. Even if it’s just one individual or an experienced real estate investment group, finding the next deal is always on the radar. Theremarketing your real estate investment business are multiple ways to find real estate deals from foreclosures to real estate agents but in some effect, they all require marketing. Real estate possibilities won’t just fall in your lap or magically appear in your inbox.

You need to let people know who you are and what you do before anyone approaches you with a possible project. But what is the best marketing approach?

That’s a broad question as there are limitless marketing opportunities. You can join a real estate investment club, place an advertisement in a real estate magazine or compose a mailer and place your message directly in a mailbox. There really is no “best” marketing approach but you can put a few to the test and see what works for you. And it takes all types.

Have you seen those small plastic signs planted along the roadway or at neighborhood intersections with something to the effect of “We Pay Cash For Houses” or similar phrase? Those are called “bandit” signs and are used by real estate investors, wholesalers and property scouts to generate leads. Bandit signs are an inexpensive form of marketing. But it’s not really for everyone.

Another marketing approach is to be active online with both a social media presence as well as updated content. If you’re a real estate investor or are starting to become one, your first order of business is to get a website and load it with content dedicated to real estate investments. If you’re not comfortable with building and maintaining a real estate website there are others who can do the legwork for you.

Video marketing is making a move. A step beyond simple content marketing on a website, more and more businesses are filming their own videos that can appear in search results just as written content can. And video marketing competes with fewer eyeballs than simple text.

There are marketing companies that can compose a letter and postcard campaign that can be very effective. Most such companies offer a range of services from which to choose and even let them compose the text for you, print the message and mail to a target audience.

Yet the key with any marketing campaign is to track the results. Don’t just throw some dollars without seeing if you’re getting your money back. If you begin a print campaign and get a phone call or an email, make sure you ask the prospect, “How did you find out about our company?” If you don’t ask, you’ll never know if a campaign is a success.