Career real estate investors can tell you that investing in real estate works in all types of economic conditions. When the economy is moving along confidently, there’s a market for homes and more people can qualify for a mortgage. More people employed with good jobs means real estate investorsthe time is now to invest in real estate have a larger pool of clients.

When an economy slows or even hits a wall there is opportunity when owners want to get out from under their mortgage. Distressed properties hit the market and can be bought at below market prices. But in today’s climate, it might be the best time to invest in real estate and there are three reasons why:

The economy hasn’t really kicked into gear. GDP growth is modest and people are leaving the workforce entirely. Foreclosures abound and it appears they’re not going away. When loan modifications began to surface a few years ago, borrowers had the opportunity to restructure their mortgage in order to qualify yet many of those same borrowers are defaulting on their plans. That means there will be even more opportunities to help distressed homeowners buying their real estate and saving them from outright foreclosure.

Second, interest rates are still near historic lows. No, they’re not in the 3.00 range but compared to what we’ve experienced over the last 40 years, we’re still in excellent shape. For those who qualify, it’s an ideal time to finance long term acquisitions with fixed rates. Lower fixed rates over the life of a loan means you’ll be putting more in the bank each time you raise the rent. But rates will go up and pronouncements from the Fed and others indicate that by this time next year the Fed could begin raising rates once again.

Finally, there is less competition among real estate investors. Consumers who watched too many cable T.V. shows who followed any number of “flipping” reality shows ultimately found out that it’s not as easy as a show makes it out to be. Real estate investing is a skill and a full time job and many of the part timers are no longer there.

More foreclosures, low rates with higher ones on the horizon and less competition all three combine to make now an ideal time to invest in real estate.