There are times when investors find themselves in a situation that requires them to sell before they had intended to. Selling sooner rather than later can be the result of any number of legitimate reasons such as needing to raise capital for another major project or a partnership is dissolving. This canowner finance tips present some challenges none more important perhaps than getting the best offer in the shortest period of time.

To compound the issue, investors might find they have several properties to unload but too many new listings in one specific area will dampen the price.

To help move the property quickly and for a bigger profit, consider owner financing. There are those who are perfectly able to buy and finance a home but for some reason their profile put them just outside the qualifying box. For instance, someone with lots of capital but self-employed for only a year rather than the two year minimum. Or their income is hard to verify or is spotty. With an owner financed opportunity, you’ll open up your listings to a wider audience.

When financing the purchase, you can require a minimum of 20 to 25 percent down with an interest rate of say 3.00% above market. In today’s environment, that would mean rate of somewhere around 7.00%. And by making the note balloon in three to five years, the buyer is provided time to get their financials in order to refinance out of your note and into a conventional one.

With this scenario, you’re getting immediate cash from the down payment while still keeping a legal interest in the property. Should the buyers default, you can foreclose and take back the unit and repeat the process all over again. You’ll need some legal and title work and a good real estate agent to market the property for you, but owner financing is a great way to sell a property quickly while still putting some profits in the bank.