If your newly constructed rental property is still on the drawing board, one of many decisions you will make is the type and quality of the materials used to build the home. The highest quality materials will last longer keeping certain maintenance costs at bay over the home’s lifetime.

Yet some choicesquality materials can certainly extend the life of a home and lower holding expenses but they can be expensive. What are some of the choices you can make that will keep the property in its best shape for the long haul?

Builders and contractors are the ones who are always on the cutting edge on the latest and greatest building materials and techniques so your first step is to talk with your builder about new innovations in the new construction market. Building new means you have the opportunity to install the most advanced materials. When considering what to spend more money on, think of the items that will save heating and air conditioning costs. Energy efficient windows, radiant barriers and high quality insulation will not only keep the energy costs down but extend the life and beauty of the home.

Pay close attention to the roof as well. You can consider a metal roof as they can last for 30 years or more but can be rather expensive. Instead, consider shingles with the highest efficiency rating as you can find. Many of the more expensive material costs can be offset with certain energy rebates from local municipalities and even income tax credits that can be applied to both state and federal income tax returns. Many times these tax credits and rebates can make the newer, more expensive materials the same cost or even less expensive in many cases. When looking at building materials, concentrate on the items that will reduce the monthly heating and air conditioning bills.