Buying a property to flip or hold goes through a number of different steps before the finished product is ready for prime time. There’s lots of research needed to find the right property at the right price.Real Estate Investing The real estate needs to be thoroughly inspected and costs to repair and remodel must be accurately projected.

How much money will be needed to acquire and rehabilitate the unit and at what cost? With that in mind, how long will it take to complete the project and finally, when to market the property for potential renters or buyers? That last question is a good one; when to start marketing?

Your real estate agent will help you prepare a final selling price or to establish a fair market rent but the agent also has another very important task and that is to place the property in the multiple listing services for potential clients. And the sooner the better.

There’s no reason to wait until the property is in its final, pristine condition. That’s too late. Instead, the listing should be placed almost immediately after the ink is dry on the sales contract. You want your property to be marketed while your contractors are hard at work on the remodel, not when they’re done. Will a half-completed property turn away potential buyers or renters? Hardly.

When you begin work on the project, promptly place your “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign in the front yard or on the front of the property, viewable from the street. Everyone likes a home that’s been freshly remodeled and you know how curious passers-by will be when they see a property that’s being remodeled. In fact, any “For Sale” sign causes drivers to slow down and take a quick peek. Don’t you do that as well? At the same time, your real estate agent should list the home with an architect’s drawing of the finished product as well as a complete description of the “as completed” home.

You want your phone to ring well before the home is ready. For a real estate investor, there’s little better than having your property sold at the price you want before the home is even ready for occupancy. When do you market your project? Now.