Success in any endeavor first demands desire. The individual must sincerely want to do whatever it takes to reach the desired goal. Regardless of the industry and how minor or significant the project must be, there has to be a commitment. Afinding a real estate coach commitment to grow, experiment and to learn.

And as with any new adventure, the learning comes hard and fast at the very beginning. There’s so much information to process and in such a short period of time that many decide the goal isn’t worth it and quit.

Successful real estate investors know this. They stated their goals, committed to them and learned more and more about the industry as each day passed. Yet there are two methods of learning, right? You can learn by experimenting or you can learn from a coach. A mentor. Someone who has been there and done that and is willing to share their wisdom with you.

Some mentors are real estate investors who want to take on a partner and help them expand their business. Others are looking to retire or have already retired and altruistically assist the eager, young investor. There are also personal coaches who, for a fee, will help steer you in the proper direction and help you make course corrections as new developments arise.

Are all coaches and mentors multi-millionaire investors? Probably not. But they do know what they’re doing and are able to teach others in a way they can easily understand. Look at any professional football team. There’s a quarterback and there’s a coach. Can the coach throw the football as far as the star quarterback? Of course not. Can the coach tell the quarterback what he’s doing wrong and how he can fix it? Yes. That’s what a coach does.

However you find your mentor, don’t start out without someone who can help you along your journey. You will encounter bumps, disappointments and resistance. But that’s okay; just listen to coach.