Have you been paying much attention to the news wires lately? Stock market have you spooked? Concerned about QE and its eventual end? There’s a lot going on right now in the real estate and financial markets and in reality we’ve been in this sorteconomic reports of haze for a few years now. The foreclosure wave of the past decade, bankruptcies, stimulus…it can all be a bit overwhelming if you pay too much attention to it.

As a real estate investor however, are you getting a bit anxious? Property values have stopped their free fall some time ago and have been on a near two-year run of rising values month to month. Interest rates for long term financing are at some of the highest levels in nearly three years and a full percentage point above the record low set nearly one year ago. Foreclosure inventory is falling, with foreclosure levels down 30 percent from the same time last year. Is it time to panic?

Some investors may begin to feel that the end of the boom is nigh and the reaction may be to grab whatever remaining inventory that might be out there to squeeze one last bit of profit from the foreclosure bonanza. But investing in real estate with that mindset is nothing more than a recipe for a disaster.

Investing in real estate is just that; investing. It’s not a gamble and a potential property will either meet your predetermined evaluation process or it won’t. It’s not something that can be forced and certainly not something that should be changed simply out of anxiety.

The responsible approach is to take each economic report with a grain of salt but don’t micro-analyze each individual farm production report or county-by-county housing starts in Arizona. Don’t let the fog of financial news confuse your investment process. Stay with your original plan. Adjust where necessary but always make sure your investment decisions are the result of clear, measured analysis—and not the opinions of the talking heads on TV.