Investing in real estate is typically a methodical, slow moving process that gradually builds wealth over time. Sound boring? Not really but in today’s climate and the abundance of “get rich quick” real estate seminars and the entertaining “Flip This” or “Flip That” cable TV shows, it surely looks like making abuy and hold is boring fast buck is a lot more fun.

There’s certainly more drama on such shows and is usually starts out with the investor successfully buying a foreclosed property at an auction after doing the math on the deal. Yet once the investor closes on the home and enters the unit there always seems to be no end to the “surprises” found in the structure that could make the flip perilously close to a disaster. Yet somehow, at the end of 30 minutes and requisite commercials everything turns out okay.

Now consider making a TV series about buying and holding real estate for the long term. What would the show be about? It would be about someone buying a house then waiting for 10 years or so when the investor retires or otherwise sells the property. There’s no excitement in that and certainly no TV show material. Buying and holding may be boring but beyond the promise to make $25,000 in 10 days by flipping it is a methodical way to provide enough funds to comfortably retire. Enough units and it’s also enough to allow someone to quit their day job and invest in real estate full time.

The buy and hold strategy isn’t designed for excitement. In fact the only excitement you might want in such a transaction is being late for the closing. You want to know how it all will end years down the road, not what will happen in the next half hour.